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Profiling JavaScript memory in the browser and on the server

Summary  Recently we were executing a memory usage analysis in my current (node.js) project. This article summarizes some of our findings, which may be useful to other projects. It does not describes the very basics of the mark-and-sweep garbage collection algorithm. Instead, it focuses on the details of the particular tools we used. Chrome developer tools  Chrome developer tools have great heap snapshot section, which can be used to analyze heaps of both browser and server (node.js) applications. It can be used to record JavaScript heap snapshots of a running process or to load existing snapshots, recorded by other tools. It is available already for several years and is extensively described on the Internet. Still, there are parts of this tool, which don’t have proper description and, overall, it may be a bit overwhelming in the beginning. So here is a very simple HTML document example, which may help in understanding Chrome heap snapshot views. A script in this document simp